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Screen Printing

Industrial screen printing for electrical circuitry, marine / auto parts & commercial merchandise

Industrial Screen Printing

We specialise in precision industrial screen printing.  We have over 20 years screen printing experience, and produce and print a wide range of products.  We specialise in printing onto aluminium, anodised aluminium, powder coated aluminium – smooth and textured, stainless steel, polycarbonates, polyester, acrylic, PVC and much more.  We use high quality inks that adhere to almost any substrate. We print onto fabricated panels, working alongside our clients to get the desired result.  We can print onto fascias, chassis, light switches, trophies, plaques, and name badges.  Sometimes jigs are required that we make in house to ensure the quality of the print.  We produce bumper stickers or rear window stickers, safety signs, information and instruction signs and labels for all industries from builders corflute signs to cosmetic labels.

Alumunium Industrial Screen Printing
3D sticker printing 2

Screen Vs Graphic Printing

Industrial screen printing is a key component to any plant manufacturing business. Compared to graphic printing where ink colour and aesthetics are the key focus, industrial screen printing hones in on the successful application of specific coatings, such as adhesives & sealants to decorative glass, mirrors, circuit boards, marine & automotive equipment.

Industrial Screen Printing Applications

  • Glass (architectural glass, shower enclosures, mirror tiles, automotive windows, technical glass like display glass, television screens and cook tops.
  • Foils (dashboard overlays, displays, printed electronics like airbag sensors, medical bio sensors, RFID, membrane switches)
  • Solar applications
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Automotive & marine parts including fibre glass, metal, wood & veneer.
Industrial label Application
Pad Printing

Pad Printing

With pad printing we have the ability to print onto things that cannot be screen printed, for examples panels with an indentation or a curve or are not flat.  We can brand any substrate with a top quality print.  With being able to do screen printing and pad printing we cover all the bases.